21-21 Oct 2020 Online (United Kingdom)


Welcome to the first virtual iteration of the Scottish Exoplanet/Brown Dwarf meeting!

Over the last 5 years the Scottish Exoplanet/Brown Dwarf meetings have been hosted jointly by the Universities of Edinburgh and St Andrews covering everything from planet formation to ultra-low mass star activity. Major talks and updates on instrumentation and proposed observations of JWST, CHEOPS, ExoMars, the SUPAscopes, and also LSST have been given by our local PI and project leaders. On the modelling side, PI's have introduced topics spanning from dynamic disk modelling, multi-wavelength, thermochemistry of disks, 3D atmospheres of exoplanets, and cloud formation modelling. More focused presentations were given by postdocs and PhD students. New postdocs and incoming staff are welcomed to introduce their research to our Scottish Exoplanet/Brown Dwarf community.

In this meeting we will hear about such work with the goal being to facilitate discussion and collaboration between Scotland-based exoplanet and brown dwarf researchers, and to provide a platform for junior community members to present results.

We therefore warmly invite you to join us for the 10th meeting of the Scottish Exoplanet / Brown Dwarf Autumn meeting 2020 (SEBD10) which will be held online on 21 October 2020, from 13.00 to 16.00.



Abstract submission: 14th October

Registration: 19th October

 There is no registration fee.

Science programme:
13:00   Welcome
13:05  Craig Stark: Electrostatic erosion of non-spherical dust in sub-stellar clouds
13:10  James Hitchcock: Astronomical Image Processing with PyTorch
13:20   Oliver Herbort: Atmospheres of rocky exoplanets – Stability and diversity of clouds
13:30   Niall Whiteford: Directly-imaged exoplanet characterization using retrievals: 51 Eri b
13:40   Fran Bartolic: Pathways to mapping the surfaces of volcanic exoplanets: an application to Io
13:50   Patrick Barth: Modelling the influence of high-energy radiation on the atmospheric composition of HD 189733b
14:00   Thomas Wilson: The First Science Results from CHEOPS 
14:10  Emma Bubb: Exploring the Variability of Cloudy Brown Dwarf Atmospheres: The Case of WISE 1049-5319AB
14:20  Samuel Pearson: Brown dwarfs in NGC 2264
14:30   Pop-up Session 1: Beth Biller, Juan Hernandez Santisteban, Peter Woitke
14:40   Coffee break
15:00   Mara Pelayo Baldarrago: The star formation history of the IC 1396 HII region. First results.   
15:10   James Cadman: The observational impact of dust trapping in self-gravitating disks
15:20   Justyn Campbell-White: Introducing STAR-MELT (Stellar AccRetion Mapping using Emission Line Tomography)
15:30   Dominic Samra: Coagulation in Exoplanet and Brown Dwarf Atmospheres
15:40   Trent Dupuy: The UltracoolSheet: A New Resource for Our Field
15:50   Pop-up session 2: Andrew Collier Cameron, Soko Matsumura, Christiane Helling


Conference (Zoom) photo!:

SEBD conference photo 1


conference photo 2

This meeting is sponsored by:

We are very grateful to SUPA (www.supa.ac.uk) for supporting our long-term initiative for a Scottish Exoplanet/Brown Dwarf meeting series between Edinburgh and St Andrews.




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