28 Apr 2020 St Andrews (United Kingdom)


Over the last 5 years the Scottish Exoplanet/Brown Dwarf meetings have been hosted jointly by the Universities of Edinburgh and St Andrews covering everything from planet formation to ultra-low mass star activity. Major talks and updates on instrumentation and proposed observations of JWST, CHEOPS, ExoMars, the SUPAscopes, and also LSST have been given by our local PI and project leaders. On the modelling side, PI's have introduced topics spanning from dynamic disk modelling, multi-wavelength, thermochemistry of disks, 3D atmospheres of exoplanets, and cloud formation modelling. More focused presentations were given by postdocs and PhD students. New postdocs and incoming staff are welcomed to introduce their research to our Scottish Exoplanet/Brown Dwarf community.

In this meeting we will hear about such work with the goal being to facilitate discussion and collaboration between Scotland-based exoplanet and brown dwarf researchers, and to provide a platform for junior community members to present results.

We therefore warmly invite you to join us for the 10th meeting of the Scottish Exoplanet / Brown Dwarf Spring meeting 2020 (SEBD10) which will be held at University of St Andrews in Gateway Seminar Room 3

To be held on: 28 April 2020, starting at 10:30, and concluding at 17:00. Doors to open at 10:00.



Registration: 16th February

Logo competition: 30th March

The format of the Scottish Exoplanet / Brown Dwarf Spring meeting 2020 in St Andrews is:



There is no registration fee, and coffee and lunch will be provided.

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We are very grateful to SUPA (www.supa.ac.uk) for supporting our long-term initiative for a Scottish Exoplanet/Brown Dwarf meeting series between Edinburgh and St Andrews, and this 10th SEBD meeting in particular.




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